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Beasts Within

Graphics by doctors_girl

Graphics of doctors_girl
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This is the graphics community of doctors_girl.
For now you can find icons, banners and wallpapers here of my fandoms. I'm planning to icon all of my fandoms (see interests) so feel free to visit me regularly.

The community's name BEASTS_WITHIN was inspired by the Madonna song The Beast Within, which I absolutely adore and you'll notice her work inspired all the texts on this community.

I will be the only member of the community, but you're more than welcome to
WATCH it, if you like what you see.

Usual rules apply for my graphics, meaning:
-comments are very welcome
-tell me which ones you're taking if you feel like it, I like to know, because it's very helpful
-credit doctors_girl or beasts_within if you use an icon
-hotlinking is evil and I don't approve

Layout by passing_girl, header and info banner by me.

I use this icon table generator.