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Madonna tours wallpaper

I decided I have to make some art in celebration of the extension of the Sticky & Sweet Tour (YAY!!!!), so I made the layout for my personal journal I had in mind since I saw the 2 S&S concerts in Paris. The idea came from the She's Not Me perfomance and I wanted to make something with all her tours and showing that Sticky and Sweet rules them all. ;) (this doesn't mean I think it was the best tour ever, because I still need time to decide this but somehow it had everything which makes her the best performer ever)
So after the layout being made I decided to make wallpapers too and share them with you. Hope you'll like them, and good luck everyone with getting tickets and let's enjoy the new bunch of amazing concerts by the Queen!


1680x1050 // 1440x900 // 1280x1024 // 1280x800 // 1024x768 // 800x600
Glee: Q. Magenta

The icon testimonials meme

I never did any of these memes, but this one...I just couldn't resist it looks awesome and I can't deny I'm curius. Also this could be very helpful, so please do the 3 favourite icon thing if you feel like it, because it would help me a lot to know which ones are really working.

How it goes:
Anyone can comment and tell you what they love about your icons! They will also leave 3 of their favorite icons that you've made

Where is it:

Thanks everyone who's replying to this.
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Requested icons

Sory guys, this too so long, work interfered, but now the request icons are done! Hope you'll like them, and all are sharable.

And I wish all my watchers a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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64 House/Cuddy icons

Dear fellow Huddy fans,
this is my celebratory icon post for Joy.♥ I started it right after Joy aired because I felt I had to do something to celebrate this huge and truly amazing fandom event, so I chose some of my favourite House/Cuddy episodes (from all seasons) and made some icons of them - including Joy obviously- to celebrate this amazing co couple's awesomeness. ♥

And I didn't forget about the request icons, I already started working on those too, but if someone would request an icon who hasn't done it yet, you can still make a request here.

So, the Huddy icons.

64 House/Cuddy icons from episodes such as Mob Rules, Babies And Bathwater, Humpty Dumpty, Forever, Who's Your Daddy, One Day One Room, Half-wit, Top Secret, House's Head and Joy.


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Thank you guys so much, you made me so happy, because when today I checked the community's profile, I saw this:

100 watchers, YAY! ♥
Thank you everyone, I'm really glad you seem to like my work. :) And in celebration to this I'm taking REQUESTS.

It's watchers only, but it's only a click to watch the community, so if you want to make a request, do it. ;)

-Comment here with 2 good quality pics, which could be of any fandom, stock, or your personal pics, just please make sure they are decent guality. HQ is the best of course, but if you're commenting with screencaps, please choose HIRES ones. No enlarged or pixelated pictures please.

-Tell me what are the pics of. If the pic you're requesting is not of a fandom or a ceelbrity I'm familiar of, I'd still like to know.

-That's it. Any watcher of the community can make requests.

Don't just stand there, let's get to it. ♥
Madonna: cherish the joy

Textures: set 01

I felt like trying something new, and inspiration came, so let me present my first set of textures! I've had so much fun making these, and comments would be greatly appreciated (as usual, LOL), but this time feedback would be really helpful from you guys, because you know this is something new I tried. Hope you like them, and if you're using them in the future, feel free to show me the icons you made with them! I'm curious. :)

This is a pack of 50 icon sized textures, various styles: scrapbook, colourful, antique, scans, frames, floral, etc.
Enjoy and credit me in your resources if using.


Download the whole set from HERE

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Madonna: te dijo te amo

Icons of Madonna's Tours

In celebration of the Sticky & Sweet Tour (which was more amazing than words can describe seriously) I decided to make a HUGE icon post about all of her tours from 1985 til...well today. :)
This post is a celebration of the Queen aka the most amazing performer of our time and her 25 years in music business and 23 years on tour. ;)
Get into the groove.

09 Virgin Tour (1985)
12 Who's That Girl Tour (1987)
08 Blond Ambition Tour (1991)
09 Girlie Show (1993)
06 Drowned World Tour (2001)
11 Re-invention Tour (2004)
09 Confessions Tour (2006)
31 Sticky & Sweet Tour (2008)

05 Sticky & Sweet Tour banners

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Multifandom icons, banners and walls

That took long but there were so many awesome pics this time I could work with, like the amazing new promos for my favourite shows and the HBP pics, it was so much fun working with them. Also these are my first Harry Potter icons, yay!
I made banners and wallpapers again, and thank you for responding on my wallpaper poll. Most of you have a screen resolution of 1024x768 and 1280x800, so I made the walls in that sizes, BUT if you need a particular wallpaper in a different size, just tell me and I see what can I do. :)

20 Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince
12 Pushing Daisies (season 2 promos)
9 Lost couples (Jack/Juliet and Sawyer/Kate)
27 House cast stuffs (Hugh, Lisa, Jesse, Jennifer)

Lost (Sawyer/Kate)
Pushing Paisies (Ned/Chuck)

Jesse Spencer
Lost (Jack/Juliet and Sawyer/Kate)
Pushing Daisies


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