November 1st, 2009

Glee: FR. expected to be an item

Glee + ladies I love

My name is Erika and I have a new addiction. And a HUGE one. In the name of Glee. So this graphics post is dedicated to the magic which is Glee, with appearances of some of my favourite ladies.

04 Madonna
01 Kylie Minogue
01 Marilyn Monroe
02 Lisa Edelstein
43 GLEE (mostly from the Pilot)
43 Glee quote icons (from all aired episodes)

02 Glee


Collapse )

Oh and if you like the style of these quote icons and somehow I left out your favourite Glee quote ever, you can make requests for more quotes with the quote of your choice.

Do you like what you see? You're more than welcome to WATCH the community.