October 25th, 2008

Madonna: cherish the joy

Textures: set 01

I felt like trying something new, and inspiration came, so let me present my first set of textures! I've had so much fun making these, and comments would be greatly appreciated (as usual, LOL), but this time feedback would be really helpful from you guys, because you know this is something new I tried. Hope you like them, and if you're using them in the future, feel free to show me the icons you made with them! I'm curious. :)

This is a pack of 50 icon sized textures, various styles: scrapbook, colourful, antique, scans, frames, floral, etc.
Enjoy and credit me in your resources if using.


Download the whole set from HERE

Do you like what you see? You're more than welcome to WATCH the community.
Glee: Q. Magenta


Thank you guys so much, you made me so happy, because when today I checked the community's profile, I saw this:

100 watchers, YAY! ♥
Thank you everyone, I'm really glad you seem to like my work. :) And in celebration to this I'm taking REQUESTS.

It's watchers only, but it's only a click to watch the community, so if you want to make a request, do it. ;)

-Comment here with 2 good quality pics, which could be of any fandom, stock, or your personal pics, just please make sure they are decent guality. HQ is the best of course, but if you're commenting with screencaps, please choose HIRES ones. No enlarged or pixelated pictures please.

-Tell me what are the pics of. If the pic you're requesting is not of a fandom or a ceelbrity I'm familiar of, I'd still like to know.

-That's it. Any watcher of the community can make requests.

Don't just stand there, let's get to it. ♥